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Family Portrait (Mapusaurus roseae) by PaleoJoe
Family Portrait (Mapusaurus roseae)
This was the reason for my three month hiatus,a huge Mapusaurus "family portrait".It pretty much does what it says on the tin.I made a composite skull as the base from similar sized specimens and used MCF-PVPH 108.115's maxilla for nearly every skull but #108.11+169,as they were all juveniles and sub-adults.It is interesting to see how rounded MCF-PVPH 108.115's maxilla was as opposed to how elongated MCF-PVPH 169+11's were.There is a decent amount of un-photographed or un-illustrated material that I could not reconstruct,but it would most likely fit into this scale.In relation to Tyrannotitan and Giganotosaurus the adults look more like Carcharodontosaurus in their maxilla's build as opposed to Giganotosaurus' block-of-a maxilla,their postorbital-palpebral complex is thicker and more angled than that of Giganotosaurus,its lacrimal is not as tall as the latter's and its orbital fenestra is wider,not to mention its massively constructed dentary.If you have any comments or critiques,write them up and I will be sure to read them and reply.Enjoy.:) (Smile) 

P.S. Please do not use my old Mapusaurus skull anymore,it was good while it lasted though,and don't use without permission.Thank you.

References:-Coria and Currie,2006.A new carcharodontosaurid(Dinosauria,Theropoda)from the Upper Cretaceous of Argentina.
                 -Scott Hartman's Giganotosaurus skeletal
A Little Teaser by PaleoJoe
A Little Teaser
Does what it says on the tin.This Mapusaurus skull is the first of ten skulls that I have reconstructed of its "family"over the past three months.I will upload the huge family portrait early next week.As these things go,it is most likely in the juvenile-sub-adult range,not the biggest or the smallest.
Anomaly from La Bocana Rojas by PaleoJoe
Anomaly from La Bocana Rojas
L.anomala is here reconstructed as a carcharodontosaurid related closest to Shaochilong.This is the only known carcharodontosaurid from Mexico based on that statement;and if the scaling is correct this would be one of the largest and most robust of its kin,contra almost every other source.Unfortunately,it's placement is tentative presently and awaits more examination.
References:-'s Labocania skull
- my Shaochilong skull
- Theropod Databases Labocania entry

Constructive comments and critiques welcome.Enjoy.😀
The Shark-Toothed Dragon by PaleoJoe
The Shark-Toothed Dragon
This is the skull of S.maortuensis an unusually short and robust carcharodontosaurid;it is the first carchararodontosaurid from China to be described(Brussatte et al,2010).It is here restored after C.saharicus specimen SMG DIN 1 because it fit well with the remains of S.maortuensis.Constructive comments and critiques are highly welcome.Enjoy.😀
The First Shark Toothed Lizard by PaleoJoe
The First Shark Toothed Lizard
This is the C. saharicus holotype which is older(Early Cenomanian) and smaller than the neotype SMG DIN 1.It was discovered in the Baharija formation,Egypt and was destroyed in WWII by the Allies.I hope you enjoy it,comments and critiques are welcome.😀
I promised a life reconstruction of MOR 008 which I am still working on,but on the flip side I am doing more technical work aka skulls like:

Eocarcharia dinops
Carcharodontosaurus saharicus (Holotype & Neotype)-(Updates)
Carcharodontosaurus iguidensis
Sauroniops pachytholus

Soon I will turn my attention to other theropods.


Joseph Shanks
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I am 15 years old and I live in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Dinosaurs came into my life 10 years ago and they are my prime interest (second are Transformers). I am currently an amateur paleoartist and a big transformers fan.

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